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I go to different grocery stores on my route, ea carries unique and specialty items I can only get there. You have to shut down the App. We've been using this app for a couple of years now and have, over the last 6 months, been experiencing two identical items being automatically added to the main list.

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We've identified the phone that does it. This item was deleted from the history and favorites on all three phones. Then when the problem phone launches the app, both identical items are added to the list - even though they do not exist on any phone. If the problem phone is not used, and the identical items are deleted from the other two phones, those phones can use this app all day and never have the identical items re-added.

It is only when the problem phone launches this app that the items reappear. We believe these items exist at the server-cloud side but have no way of checking. Finally, we've reached out to the developer and have never received a response. I would give this app 4 stars if not for this utterly annoying issue and the lack of communication from the app developer. Hoping to hear back. Requires iOS 8.

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Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

How to Make a Coupon Shopping List!

Description This amazing app helps you find weekly sales at your local supermarkets and discount stores. Mar 16, Version 3. Added "Don't Show" button in location opt-in prompt. Reviewers love the automatic-sort feature, which organizes grocery lists into categories to save time, as well as the built-in calorie calculator for tallying food items.

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In addition to being a super easy-to-use grocery-list organizer, BigOven also comes loaded with more than , recipes and helpful tips for meal planning. If one of your goals is to cook at home more often, consider this app your motivational sous chef! List Ease allows users to create two very important yet totally different types of lists. Not only does the app allow you to create a list of what items you need to purchase at the grocery store, but it also lets you keep a running tab of the groceries you currently have in your cabinets to avoid the dreaded double purchase.

To keep an organized inventory in the midst of a busy lifestyle, we recommend List Ease for peace of mind. Ideal for collaborating on shopping lists for any meal or occasion, users can sync up multiple lists to seamlessly check off or add items while shopping in real time. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Coolest Tech Gadgets of Grocery Shopping List. Out of Milk. Cozi Family Organizer. Avocadolist Shopping List. Grocery Shopping List Ease. Never holding a credit card balance longer than a month.

If this means living in a small studio apartment and eating ramen, rice, and beans, so be it. I drive a Honda Civic now. Doing side jobs. Building up small businesses. Doing contract work. Basically doing whatever I can to generate income from multiple sources.

Best Ways to Save on Groceries in - The Krazy Coupon Lady

Make sure I am always expanding and develop them to the point that they consistently generate reliable cash flow. Save as much as I can. Chipotle Burritos Why not try living in your means for once? No wonder we have a debt crisis. Leave a reply Reply Name. Cancel Reply Post Your Reply. Hi, I added the app to my android. Can't figure out how to add items to my list.

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  • Best Ways to Save on Groceries in - The Krazy Coupon Lady.

I assume that means shopping list. Help please. Thanks in advance. I had no problem reading this on my phone. I love to coupon and thank you for more ideas. Also loved your other article on ways to save in Definitely going to try a few but not 3. I also would like to try to start a blog is there an cheap easy way to do this to help me earn a little extra income? Kim, Here's an article that might help you. I know many people who have killer couponing stockpiles do their couponing in the evening after kids go to bed.

I'm not sure how possible that is for you? Also if you have the KCL app, you can choose your store s and scroll through the current deals and check the ones you want to do. This will add those deals to an in-app "list" you can use while you shop. This cuts down on a lot of the time investment for people! Best of luck!! Let us show you how to Shop Smarter. Our Picks. Store: Walmart Online Deals. Published 10 hours ago. Score 15 Free Pairs of Contact Lenses! Online Deals. Share 5 shares Published 10 hours ago.

Store: Amazon Online Deals.

Make Shopping A Smarter, Easier Experience.

Share 2 shares Comments 2 Published 11 hours ago. Save Big! Share 1 share Comments 1 Published 11 hours ago. Comments 2 Published 11 hours ago. Free Drake's cakes Shoprite!

1. Grocery Store Apps

Location Marker ShopRite. Comments 1 Published 5 hours ago. Dillons haul! Aka Kroger Dillons haul! Aka Kroger. Location Marker Kroger. Published Jun 23, Better than free a CVS!

coupons based on shopping list Coupons based on shopping list
coupons based on shopping list Coupons based on shopping list
coupons based on shopping list Coupons based on shopping list
coupons based on shopping list Coupons based on shopping list
coupons based on shopping list Coupons based on shopping list
coupons based on shopping list Coupons based on shopping list

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