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The One With The Dirty Girl

Shi-won asks why she should care if they did or not, but then adds that just last month it was another boy, and a few days ago she was hot for Teacher. She walks home just as Yoon-jae is stepping out, and all she does is ask about the recording. Say something! Still nothing.

He sighs and takes out his birthday coupons. He rips one out and hands it to her silently. They stand there like that, the wish hanging in the air. Yoon-jae goes home, where Teacher Tae-woong greets him? Tae-woong starts to apologize about earlier, but Yoon-jae cuts him off and slams his door. Tae-woong hangs his head, and we see a birthday cake sitting on the coffee table, waiting. Dude, you publicly humiliated Little Bro twice on his birthday?

How interesting that they turn out to be brothers. Mom rewatches the episode with Shi-won, redoing the whole hands-in-the-air sing-along. But they get to the end of the recording and Shi-won screams. Oh noes! Gone forever! Sigh, this is a pain the digital age knoweth not. The narration continues:. Shi-won: An age where you feel like you could love anyone, where you put everything on the line for the smallest of things.

But back then, we were more serious than any adult, more intense, and had our strength tested. That was how our eighteen was beginning. Epilogue: Shi-won walks out of her bedroom in the morning wearing her own Guess! She collapses in a tantrum. Turns out the exclamation point is more fitting than they know.

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A wedding date perhaps? Ha, nice misdirect. Back to , where Yoon-jae limps out of a clinic after getting circumcised. At eighteen? Mom swears her lips are sealed. She stomps in and digs through her backpack for him, handing him one item at a time without looking. They freeze like that, not knowing how to get out of this awkward moment.

Flashback to earlier that morning, when he found Yoon-jae hiding in the bathroom, washing his underwear. Who was it? Kim Hee-sun? Lee Seung-yeon? Uhm Jung-hwa? Flashback to two hours earlier. He flips his lid, while Mom just laughs, acting like getting last place is an achievement in and of itself. Ha, not the best approach, methinks. Dad loses it and starts tearing up all the posters in her room, calling her certifiably crazy.

Dude, did you steal this from my life? He rips up everything in his path, leaving her clutching her posters in tears. She sits on her floor sobbing, trying to tape all the pieces together.

Answer Me 1997 a.k.a. Reply 1997: My Korean Drama Review and Spoilers of 응답하라 1997 (Part 1)

Shi-won puts a coin in the payphone to make a call, but hesitates. Yoon-jae sits at home, stewing about something else. Flashback to nine hours earlier in his day, when Sung-jae was insisting he had to listen to his new Yangpa tape. Cut to a month later, where Joon-hee and Sung-jae watch, as Yoon-jae does cartwheels around the field, in nothing but his tighty whities. Back to 9 hours before the card game. Shi-won shows off her latest idol magazine and judiciously gives her friends the pages with their oppas.

They swoon over all the members of H. How dare they? But when interrogated, Yoon-jae denies it. Shi-won sits the rest of the class with her arms in the air, out in the hallway, cursing him. Seven hours pre-game. In the present, Mom wonders where on earth Shi-won went if not to Yoon-jae. Four hours pre-game. Shi-won searches for something in the grass and grins. She tells him to put out his hand. She gives him something and closes his fist around it.

Sung Shi-won and frogs. Shi-won picks it back up and chases him all the way home, cornering him with it and taunting him endlessly, to his utter horror. Suddenly the ruckus stops. We pan down to see them at the bottom of the steps, frozen. In his haste to get her to stop, Yoon-jae has put both his hands straight out in front of him… and right onto her chest.

Shi-won holds the phone up, just listening to the dial tone. She finally puts it down, unable to make the call. Ooh, suspense. Shi-won gets closer as Yoo-jung runs. Her mom lets her in and Shi-won heads upstairs. She opens the door, and sees something. Yoo-jung arrives behind her, with a panicked expression on her face. Oh no, is it going to be what I think it is? She plays her hand and starts her victory cheer, when Tae-woong and Dad initiate their reversal. Mom slaps Dad upside the head, and everyone gasps.

Back to the girls. This cracks me UP. Yoon-jae: Go Stop, a game where you have to match the same shapes to get points. There was a time when we struggled to be the same. But in one moment, we began to be different. That we were becoming different types of people—why was that so hard to acknowledge back then? We were maturing into different people, and having to accept those differences meant we were faced with yet another consequence of growing up.

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Sometime later, Shi-won comes out to find Sung-jae washing up after gym class and they tease each other about whose chest is bigger. She comes around the fountain and has a very different reaction to Yoon-jae. He narrates that it was , and already a while since their second stage of maturity had begun, when they had already become different. He says he wanted in that moment to confirm, if what they were feeling was embarrassment over having discovered that they were different…. He inches closer to her and then stops.

As he pulls away slowly, he narrates that by the law of maturity, a boy grows into a man and a girl will grow into a woman. But the problem is when a boy who grows into a man, and the girl is still a girl. When the timing is wrong…. She attacks to cover up her embarrassment, and chases him up and down the schoolyard.

Back to They smile. It already feels like a full world with a rich set of characters, and I love pretty much every single one of them. The writing feels very assured—after the first two episodes I trust that they know completely the story they want to tell, and how every little event that seems insignificant will end up shaping the adults they become. The tone of this sits so well with me—not hammy but just broad enough to be silly at times, totally willing to play a scene straight for the characters to get a laugh out of us, and completely earnest and heartfelt.

Gotta do the time to tell the tale. Making that point of view transparent by using narrative voiceovers and the class reunion as a framing device helps to root it as that kind of story, plus I love the mystery of which couple makes it to marriage fifteen years later. Consider me hooked. Your email address will not be published. Any idea where we could watch this with eng subs? Dramacrazy has the raw Reply , but does anyone even have news about some subbers? I felt instantly hooked to it, even though I was basically a toddler in liner lol. And thanks to the olympeeeecs I don't have anything else to watch, so this would be nice :.

Why do I love Dramabeans? Let me count the ways. It never failed to amuse me. It gave me the inspiration to do a blog of my own. It let me enoys the drama to its fullest because of its honest reviews and opinion. Girlfriday is doing a recap of Answer me Same here and a heartfelt thank you. I regret why i never heard Sechkies and H.

T back when they were famous. I was team Sechkies and EunJiWon was my oppa!!! I totally cried when the team broke up. Hahah but I remember hiding my love from these girls in my school who were crrraaaaazzzy about HOT. Semi-fly uploaded the torrent for this episode but for the subbed videos, i don't have any idea where to DL this. Hope this helps. So while I admit to not getting all the Korean references it's very easy to swap their idols with the American version and understand completely.

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I hope I can find subbed episodes, but in the mean time your recaps are fabulous as always! Thank you! I'm 40 episodes in 1n2d S1 and my interest in this sitcom was piqued by Mr. Cranky-pants Ji-won himself. Thanks for the recap, GF!! I was still too young in the 90s, I was not a teenager well until after the 90s was over, but, I got a taste of it and I can relate to the show at some level - there are some where I have never experienced before.

I think I shall watch the show now, I wasn't sure if I should the bucket list of drama to watch is overflowing , but this recap convinced me to LOL. And like GF, love a highschool drama done right. It won't be as nostalgic to GF as it is to me considering my highschool life was a couple months back, hah. But it'll surely remind me of the fond memories. Thank you so much for recapping this! I'm in love with this drama too :D not only is the story awesome, I'm impressed with the acting.

I knew Seo In Guk could act, but Eunji surprised me! I died laughing on the HOT vs Sechkies.. I loved it! This show is great. It had me laughing almost nonstop. The ending of episode two was the best. That kiss was unexpected but in a good way. I like to be surprised. This show is cute and heartfelt, and I enjoy it. The characters are a couple years older than me by about 6 years but I get a lot of the references. And I think I've just fallen for Hoya - the moment he found out that Guess shirt was fake got to me. Now I just want to be his sugar mama and get him a real Guess shirt.

I loved Kang-Ta back in the days But after being disappointed in the ending of "BIG".. I think I'll wait until the whole series is over before I watch Maybe it'll be another couple announcing their wedding but Yoon Jae will bust out a coupon after the dinner and ask Shi-won to be with him! One can only hope Oh man nostalgia! My teenage years were mostly after the new millennium but this still makes me remember my 16 years old self fangirling over idol oppas.

It was the stage where you couldn't care less about what others think about you, because you fandom was the most important thing ever. I mean..

Where I rant about life/Where I rave about Hallyu

I presented JTL's "A better day" as my music video about friendship in front of a classroom full of Caucasian kids xD It was the early Hallyu era and subs were really rare. It was hard to be an international fangirl back then haha. And VHS tapes! I still have a bunch of those at home! I used to program my VCR player to record TV shows, and when something went wrong and the tape is blank it was the end of the world! Or i used to break that little black square because apparently you can't record something else on that tape once you took away that thing! Ditto on everything.

My teen years were in the early millenium, but I still consider myself a 90s girl. I think that generation was probably more idol-obsessed than this one in my opinion. Boy bands were my life! VHS tapes were the most amazing things ever until you realize that they can only hold up to like 6 hours lol.

I still have my recorded VHS shows somewhere and now I feel like rummaging to check out what's in those time capsules. Will be checking out this drama. My only concern is that the main guy's hair ISN'T 90s enough for me lol.

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Let's take a trip down memory lane. Things I love: - I can totally relate to all of these characters. I still remember when I used to record almost all of the tv shows that my favourite idols show up on my lovely VHS. Used to ask my mother or whoever at home that day to make sure to record it for me. When it didn't get recorded, or when it was recorded on a broken tape, i was like like ShiWon lol. I have a feeling Imma love the songs of the days on here. Or on the New York Times bestseller list, unlike some people.

Damn you, Fifty Shades of Gray. Also, I'm pretty sure it's against international law for someone as old as me to drool over someone as young as Seo In Guk. So I left that bit out, lest I get arrested ; I think it's telling, though, that most people's favorite scenes come from early in the show. Just for the record, Amanda: I hope you don't get over your passion for this show for a long while yet..

Then what am I going to do???? I really should have watched this sooner. And so many times this week I planned on finishing it, and life just.. I love all these scenes. The first one you mentioned especially. It was about 1am, and I'd just downed an entire and very large glass of wine because I'm weird.. I actually stopped it in the middle of that scene, after the third "You should I date her? I actually put it away right then, and went to sleep because I thought if I kept going I would stay up all night. And so began the love affair.

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I do think you're right in that the second half was a tad bit slower and less cohesive as a whole. The myriad of love triangles, though cliche, were at least so well done that I can forgive just about anything. I know we Kdrama fans love our bromances, but their relationship was soo much more than that. I had chills during the scene where Yoon Jae overheard Shi Won talking on the phone, and all the following scenes with him reminiscing on all the times Joon Hee apparently loved him, or was trying to tell him.

Yoon Jae's expression that is part astonishment, part agony over the pain he's obviously been causing Joon Hee all these years had me sobbing, quite loudly too. As for the more standard love triangle, I was initially annoyed over it. I was frankly shocked when Shi Won actually started dating Tae Woong in high school, and heartbroken that Yoon Jae gave up so easily.

His confession scene though in the noraebang took the wind out of me.. I had to rewind as I'd been interrupted mid-scene , particularly in how they ended up. Most dramas use scenes like that when you EVER GET a phenomenal scene that like as a catalyst to either making out or fits of tears and hysterics.

What I most liked about it: the quietness; YoonJae slowly breaking down, and his sheer honesty, everything he's been bottling up for years; Shi Win's stone cold face, that in any other actress in any other drama I would say was a lack of acting ability, but in AM is actually a mark of how much her character is freaking out inside; her insistence on remaining friends, and his line: "When a man, to his first love, is pathetically pouring out his heart, it means he never wants to see her again. As painful to me as that separation is, I can't believe the show actually let Yoonjae do what he was planning on doing at that moment, which is to let her go and never actually see her..

Ok maybe I'm still a wreck about this.. I just, can't believe how awesome it all was.. Answer Me was so good and I loved it so much that it actually made me have a moment of panic—what if I had never gotten into Korean drama, and therefore spent the rest of my life without seeing it? Most Kdramas are fun to watch and easy to forget, but these characters are going to be living in my head and heart right along with Eun Chan and Han Gyul from Coffee Prince.

Everything about Answer Me was just so understated and lovely that it makes every other show pale in comparison. I was also a little weirded out by Shi Won and Tae Woong dating. It was understandable, though: she was still just a kid on the inside and thought of it as playing around, and to him it was like having a little bit of Shi Won's sister back in his life. Here's hoping the new trend in Kdrama is fabulous, insightful writing, great direction, and idol stars who can actually act ;.

Oh my that would be a trend I could get on board with. This show blew so many others out of the water that its hard to tell if it'll be surmountable or a crazy-awesome fluke of nature. I suspect it's the exception that proves the rule ; On the bright side, though, those cable networks are really doing great things these days. Maybe they've got another Answer Me up their sleeve. I eventually decided to translate this post which, to my understanding, reflects your polished thoughts on the show. I have to say that I had a chance to re-watch each scene and to absorb new impression previously overlooked.

For instance, 'the Hug' scene approached me with new light emphasizing Yun-jae's sincere regard to his ex-mate. I knew he liked Joon-hee or had least sense of respect, but was not aware of his will to protect him. Besides, the show seems like an endless fountain of meanings; after reading another review it unveils new meanings. So I'll go on to scavenge new ideas around. And definitely I hope to learn from your insight near future again!

Answer Me Series Review – Raine's Dichotomy

I think it's really cool that you translated this post into Korean : As someone who speaks only English, I'm always impressed by anyone who knows multiple languages well enough to be writing in them. One of the best things about this show is that in every scene, every character has their own motivation, even if it's not really a scene "about" them. That really comes out in the Yun-jae hug. You can look at it from either perspective: at the same time, it's a scene about being hugged by your crush and a scene about watching your best friend suffer. Thanks so much for translating this, and for sharing!

Nice review! To be honest, as much as I love this drama, I still can't relate with Shi Won 'cause I'm not as crazy and dumb as her. Even in real life, there's no way I will befriend a girl like her. And that's why I'm almost skip this drama 'cause I personally think that Shi Won was really annoying. But in the end, I like Eunji's acting and the comedy. I often watch rom-com K-Dramas, but I feel the comedy is so unfunny and corny. But AM is so awesome!

Anyway, nice review :. I am sooo late on this, but it's my favourite drama ever with subsequent every-half-year rewatches , and I've LOVED reading your thoughts on it. I'd add two scenes: Sun Jae changing the grandma's lightbulb, and the moment Yoon Jae and Shiwon meet again. The instant she turns her head at the realization -- I'm a goner. Are you kidding me? As far as I know, he never actually came out to Yoon. Yoon just shrugs Kang off like he doesn't actually mean "I'm gay and I love you".

Where did the part about Shiwon setting up the two on a date? Also, he's gay because he went to that shop to buy HOT merch. I love this!!!! The drama was presented differently and as you said a lot of the story was shared through their actions and reactions. Quantum Binary Signals Get professional trading signals sent to your cell phone every day. If you want your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to come crawling back to you on their knees no matter why you broke up you got to watch this video right away Procrastinating Your Procrastination!

That Hak Chan was actually played by a former Sechseis member was a mind-blowing revelation, let me tell you. It seemed that every scene burrowed its way into my brain as my favorite drama moment ever—only to be immediately supplanted by the one that came next. Yoon Jae meets Shi Won on the doorstep of her house, having spent his evening videotaping a television show for her. That show was full similar scenes almost mystical in their quiet power, each featuring the female lead and her nerdy next-door neighbor chatting on the dark, empty street in front of their houses.

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