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This machine can be bought at an affordable price similar to the Simpson cleaner above. If you love the idea of having the adjustable pressure feature then this is yours. It has a commercial-grade Honda engine and AAA industrial quality triplex plunger pump to ensure your washer runs for many years to come with minimal fuss. As you can see in the picture it has job-site tires and a heavy-duty steel carriage. Maybe you have a pressure washing weekend business? Maybe you plan to rent it out to friends? Or maybe you just like owning the best quality power equipment?

See current price here…. The company AR Blue Clean has taken all the feedback received over the last 6 years into account when designing and engineering this new improved model. It comes with a pro-style steel lance and 5 different quick connect nozzles to go from intense jet to gentle spray in seconds.

Looking for the Best Pressure Washer? Our 12222 reviews and buying guide are a great place to start!

People love the Pressure Joe for its pump performance keeps stable flow rate no matter the nozzle and its high rated power in terms of GPM x PSI for an electric unit. Third on the list is this top of the line Karcher electric pressure washer. Karcher is the largest manufacturer of pressure cleaners in the world and this machine is their best home-use option.

On the Karcher page the less expensive K3. But here this won because of its high performance. It comes with a DirtBlaster spray wand which is a rotary nozzle to get full power spray over a larger area and a Vario Power Spray wand to adjust the pressure without having to change nozzles. Their range of products are sold through Canadian Tire, Lowes, Amazon, The Home Depot and Sears and include: highly reviewed and liked battery powered and corded electric leaf blowers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, drills and snow throwers.

We feel this model pictured above with PSI and 1.

The 9 Best Pressure Washers of

It has everything you need to get started pressure cleaning small jobs like your car, back patio and garage door. To recap, here are the 7 best we tested so far over s of hours pressure washing concrete, cars, house siding, patio furniture and a wood deck:. The above 7 were chosen after testing 36 models so far over s of hours pressure washing real surfaces at our test facility and around the neighborhood over the last 7 years producing PressureWashr. Thai Washer Car Club - the for sale section there has several vendors selling Karcher and Zinsano at cheap prices.

Thanks for that. Do you think that would be adequate? Myself Bought a Bosch, Aquautak I think it is very good and use it 3 to 4 times a weeks, so gets well used No way would I spend that if I was only cleaning 50sqm and 1 or 2 cars though. Word of caution: don't spend too much time looking at the Karcher accessories list or all the sudden your workshop will be full of extra attachments you've convinced yourself you'll need one day.

Hi Guderian. I just found the manual to my Goldex mentioned above.

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Can't remember what I paid for it, but it was expensive an expensive piece of junk, right now - lol. When it was in operation it was excellent - more than I really needed - if that's of any help to you.

Electric vs. Gas Pressure Washers

It made short work of my concrete drive, walls etc - and was great for spraying my plants and lawn. It's not dark blue at the bottom and black and the top a bit like the Zinsano but more round , and bought at Makro by any chance? If so, it sounds awfully like my first pressure washer, which burnt a motor one day after the 6 month warranty expired. Before it did that, it blew holes in 2 high pressure hoses though. In the end I got the motor rewound, but I still had the problem that the only high pressure hoses that would fit it were crap and lasted only a few weeks each B ea.

It's the machine that drove me into spending more money for a quality unit.. I ended up giving it away with blown hose 6 when I got my first Karcher. Now on 3 Karcher and 3 house and have never had a problem with literally hundreds of hours on each of them. I hope you'll forgive my ignorance, but I was under the impression that something was wrong inside the body to cause the hoses to burst.

That is what I wanted fixed. Phew, I really need to get out more. Ok, so do you have any recommendations on the hoses? I really don't want to buy another one - if I can fix this one, then fine, but if not, I'll go for a smaller, cheaper unit as per your suggestion. Many thanks IMHO. On a somewhat related topic, I'd like to buy a wet suction vac for cleaning my car interiors. Any suggestions? The first couple of replacement hoses I was able to buy from the salesrep at Makro - he had a little sideline business going on them, but his were arguably even worse than the one that came with it..

There's a Karcher model I'm semi-interested in, but at 15K Baht it just seems a bit too much to spend - especially when the same thing sells in Western countries for around K Baht. Open to anyone with positive experiences to share. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. By snoop Started 14 hours ago. By Jonathan Fairfield Started 1 hour ago. By Lincoln88 Started 17 hours ago. By webfact Started 18 hours ago.

Here’s a Quick and Easy Way to Compare the 7 Best Pressure Washer Models For Sale

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DIY housing forum. Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted August 5, edited. A Thai friend lent me his pressure washer, an Imperial Airman machine as pictured: This is a cheap machine costing around Baht which worked a treat and seems quite popular with Thai workers the guy who cleans my air con units uses one too. This looks like it would do the trick and is on offer at something just over Baht: The home-scale washers seem to come in roughly three sizes, Bar, Bar and or Bar. It's something like this one: As I said, the job isn't industrial scale but it's not nothing either.

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